Marketing Initiative Self Evaluation

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Instructions for Use:

  1. First, define “performance” for all participants. Is it quantitative or qualitative? Subjective or objective?
  2. Then independently or together, use the drop down column to rank your current performance on each initiative. We recommend individual evaluations and then compare notes to arrive at a group consensus.
  3. A facilitator can then use the third column to add additional context for each grade during your group discussion. Keep it candid but constructive.
  4. Once all grades are set, color code the rows as follows: 1-3 (red); 4-5 (green).
  5. Looking first at the green rows, determine which ones provide a return on investment of time, money and people resources. For instance, if you decided an initiative was a 5 because you all really liked it, but during the discussion determined it took a lot of internal time and money to produce but didn’t directly generate new business, you may want to adjust the grade or re-prioritize it.
  6. Do the same as above with the red rows, prioritizing based on return on investment (ROI) to help you reach your overarching business goals.
  7. Assign resources (people, time and budget) toward each priority and set milestones toward achieving them.
  8. For help, contact or 410-366-9479.

Marketing Initiative Self Evaluation - Online Form


Marketing Planning & Strategy

Benchmarking and Goal Setting
You have metrics, documented goals & an action plan to achieve them.
Team Observations and Goals.

Brand Positioning & Messaging
Your value proposition is unique & your messaging is clear.
Team Observations and Goals.

Persona and Audience Insight
You have identified your target audiences demographically, psychographically, behaviorally, etc.
Team Observations and Goals.

Marketing Technology
You have all of the tools & technology your team needs for marketing, sales & support.
Team Observations and Goals.

Marketing Budget
You have accurate historical financials & annual budget projections.
Team Observations and Goals.