Target Your Audience Better by Building a Customer Persona

Target Your Audience Better by Building a Customer Persona

When it comes to marketing, you can’t really get too far in the conversation without talking about target audiences and your customer persona.

In short — who the heck are you trying (or hoping) to reach with your message and all of these materials and things you’re putting out into the world?

All too often we see clients paint a very vague picture of who their clients are, or more specifically who they “think” they are. When this is off the top of their head as opposed to it being based off a spreadsheet or database report, I’m less confident in what they’re telling me. The reasons that good intel on your target audiences is so important, is because you, your products and/or your services, and your brand want to be attractive to the customer who will value what you can offer, and pay for it…ideally over and over again!

But if you don’t REALLY know who you’re trying to attract, or who will find you attractive, it’s kinda like being the beauty queen at a Scrabble tournament. They aren’t paying you a lick of attention!


Build your customer personas.

To help you figure out your target audience, I suggest you build out personas to help you describe customers or user segments. Beyond just demographics, creating personas can lead to new insights and things you haven’t thought of and help you better understand what makes your target audience tick. Personas will help you determine who your customers really are and why they are using (or should be using) your products and/or services.

Don’t let this exercises scare you.

It’s actually pretty fun because you’re basically describing your ideal customer as a human being — what’s they’re story? What’s their personality and interests? Where do they shop and what do they buy there?

Personas can focus on the needs, the hopes, behaviors and fears of a customer group. And guess what your role is? That’s right…to bring them hope, acknowledge their behaviors and alleviate their fear. The result? Figure out your customer persona, and you will solve your pipeline issue by becoming your customer’s hero!

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