Incite Creative - Target Audience and Personas

Target Your Audience Better by Building a Customer Persona


When it comes to marketing, you can’t really get too far in the conversation without talking about target audiences.

In short — who the heck are you trying (or hoping) to reach with your message and all of these materials and things you're putting out into the world?

All ...

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How to make competitive intelligence your competitive advantage

How to Make Competitive Intelligence Your Competitive Advantage


We’re consistently amazed at how many business owners admittedly don’t know who their competition is, or go to the other extreme and claim that they have none. If that’s the case, you should have 100% of the market share, right?

Everyone has competition, even if indirect (in-house ...

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Press Release Template

Get More Attention from (Free) Earned PR

By: Dina Wasmer

One of the best ways to draw positive attention (or redirect any negative attention) to your company, is to utilize the press, or as some people call it, the media, a.k.a. "PR".


Have you received an award? Hired a new employee? Launching a new product or service? All ...

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6 Deadly Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

6 Deadly Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make


Think you have a great product or service? Great! Now you’re ready to shout it from the rooftops. Before you grab your megaphone, be sure you don’t slip up by making these common marketing mistakes:

1. Weak headlines.

Your ideal prospects are inundated with over 4,000 marketing ...

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Is Your Brand Super Bowl Bound?

Is Your Brand Super Bowl Bound?


Build Your Fantasy Team
Sports columnist Wayne Goldsmith shares his perspective by stating, “Without having the right people in place, performing to their full potential with clear roles and responsibilities, all the money in the world and the best facilities in the nation will not produce a winning team.” The ...

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